This Is What Hard Water Is Doing to Your Hair

If your dishes and glassware constantly have spots on them, this is a sign that you’re dealing with hard water. 

You can also probably feel a film on your hands after washing them, despite using plenty of soap and warm water. With your water’s impact on your skin and dishes, imagine what it’s doing to your hair.

What is Hard Water?

You might be wondering how water can be considered problematic or soft. The hardness of water refers to the mineral content within the water. As rivers and streams run through limestone and other rock, it picks up minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sulfates. 

Most water containing a high mineral content isn’t considered unsafe for drinking. Still, it does present significant problems to the appliances, sinks, and pipes in your home because of limescale and mineral buildup. Excessive mineral deposits left behind from the water running in your house could lead to a short life expectancy of fixtures that would last much longer if no minerals were present in the water.

The Impact of Hard Water on Your Hair

Individuals with higher mineral content in their water report have dry, brittle hair prone to breakage. The relationship between hard water and hair has been studied quite a bit in the medical community. 

A 2016 study examined hair samples taken from 15 women. Each of the samples was divided into two, with one of the sections of hair being washed daily in distilled water and the other washed at the same frequency in harder water. At the end of the 30 days, the hair washed in distilled water was healthy and strong, while the samples of the same hair that had been washed in the harder water were noticeably thinner and had a ruffled appearance. 

The minerals in the water had damaged the hair by depositing a film over the individual strands, making it nearly impossible for moisture to penetrate. This resulted in thin, brittle hair that broke easily with combing and brushing.

The Fix

Whether your hair has already been damaged from water with a high mineral content or you’re afraid it might be soon, there are things you can do to help. The easiest and most effective method of prevention is to install a water softener. Washing your hair with soft water over time will help your hair heal and become healthy again. A high-quality clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioning hair mask can also help.

Clear Waters Flowing Can Help

The effects of hard water on your hair can be scary, but Clear Waters Flowing can help. We provide whole house water filtration systems and water softeners that will filter the minerals out of your water, leaving you with clean, healthy water that won’t damage your hair or skin and prolong the life of the fixtures and appliances in your home. We serve homeowners in St. George, Utah, and the neighboring cities, including Cedar City, Kanab, Santa Clara, and Hurricane. Contact us today for a free quote!