3 Dangers Hard Water Poses To Your Family

The pipes in your home are filled with either soft or hard water. It might look cloudy if your water is hard, but what is it that makes it hard? Is it safe for your family? Here’s what you need to know about the water in your home and these 3 dangers to watch out for. 

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is defined as water that has high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium in it. The water in your home can have varying levels of hardness depending on the amounts of the minerals inside. Sometimes water with high levels of minerals has a cloudy look or a funny taste, but not always. Glass dishes that appear cloudy or have spots after being removed from the dishwasher are another indicator of harder water. 

3 Dangers of Hard Water

It’s generally considered safe to drink water that is hard, but it can have some less-than-desirable effects on your home and family. Here are 3 dangers to watch out for when your water is hard.

  • Hard Water and the Body – Water with high levels of calcium and magnesium can have serious drying effects on the hair and body. It reduces the moisture in your skin and hair, and leaves behind a film. You might find that you need to use more soap or shampoo to get clean. The reduction in moisture from harder water can lead to dry scalp and skin problems like dandruff and eczema.
  • Pipes Corrode with Hard Water – The pipes in your home weren’t made to handle excess amounts of minerals. Soft water flows through pipes with no problems, leaving no residue behind. Harder water, on the other hand, leaves minerals behind as it flows and leads to clogged pipes, reduced water flow, mineral buildup on faucets and shower heads, and eventually causes corroded pipes. 
  • Hard Water Ruins Clothes – Not only does the hardness of water have an impact on your pipes, it can also shorten the life of your appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Likewise, it is extra hard on fabrics and causes them to deteriorate and break down faster over time. 


While it’s safe to drink water with high mineral content, it’s clear to see that it still poses dangers to your home and family. A water softener can reverse the effects of harder water. It will keep your clothes, appliances, and pipes working longer, and leave your skin and hair feeling healthier and softer. 

Clear Waters Flowing Is Here

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